GSX-S1000GT +

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  • GSX-S1000GT +
  • GSX-S1000GT +
  • GSX-S1000GT +


The new GSX-S1000GT delivers next-level sports touring experience for both rider and pillion with superbike-derived performance, cutting-edge technology, and all-day comfort.
The exhilarating 152 horsepower, torque-rich engine, and fluid quickshifter are just the beginning.
Miles of breathtaking roads are covered with ease thanks to a comfortable yet dynamic chassis, hard-luggage capability, and cruise control.
To cap off the right machine for your next excursion, all of this is combined with outstanding appearance, a luxury finish, and a 6.5″ colour TFT display with smartphone compatibility.


The GSX-high-performance 999cc four-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC inline-four cylinder engine has been designed to perform well in a variety of riding scenarios, including long-distance touring and sporty runs, all while fulfilling Euro 5 emissions regulations.


The engine delivers superbike-level acceleration while also incorporating vibration-reduction features to make long-distance riding more comfortable and less exhausting.
Smooth, steady power throughout the engine’s rev range improves the riding experience, both in the low to mid-range for everyday riding and in the mid to high-range for long trips on the highway or sporty solo excursions.

A number of electronic control systems provide tight control over power output characteristics, allowing the rider to match the way torque is applied when the throttle is opened to the type of ride or riding style being used at the moment.
When requested, this includes providing the thrill of rapid acceleration and all-around performance to support enthusiastic sports riding.



The slipper clutch partially disengages to mitigate the effect of engine braking when downshifting to decelerate. By helping to prevent the rear tyre from hopping and providing smoother deceleration, this function enables the rider to shift down with greater confidence and maintain better control when entering corners.

This SCAS introduces an assist function that leverages precision-engineered ramps to force the clutch boss and pressure plate together and efficiently transfer torque to the rear wheel under acceleration, all while using softer clutch springs. The resulting benefit is the realisation of a far lighter clutch lever operation. This reduces rider fatigue in situations that require frequent clutch lever operation.


Cruise control is a convenient system that allows the rider to maintain a set speed without operating the throttle. This helps reduce fatigue when touring long distances, particularly when travelling at constant speed on motorways. The chosen setting appears on the colour TFT instrument screen and the speed can be easily adjusted upward or downward using the plus or minus switch on the left handlebar. Cruise control can be set at speeds between 18mph to 112mph when riding in second gear or higher. The handy resume function re-engages the system and accelerates to the most recent speed setting after cancelling.³


The bi-directional quickshifter enables the rider to shift up or down without operating the clutch. As standard equipment, this feature enhances the riding experience and reduces fatigue. When activated, the system automatically interrupts power delivery when accelerating just long enough to unload the transmission, thereby producing smoother, almost uninterrupted acceleration when the rider shifts up.

When decelerating, without manually blipping the throttle or using the clutch, the system automatically opens the throttle valves just enough to increase rpm and match engine speed to the next-lower gear ratio. The result of this hands-free automatic blipping function combines seamlessly with engine braking to create a highly satisfying experience when the rider downshifts.


Despite their spacious 36 litre capacity, Genuine Accessory side cases feature a compact design that integrates seamlessly with the GT’s³ sharp, futuristic looks. Each is capable of accommodating a full-face helmet and features a quick-release key mechanism for easy mounting and removal. Meanwhile a 19 litre capacity fuel tank combines with the engine’s excellent 46.3 MPG fuel efficiency to bring the rider greater peace of mind by giving the GT superior touring range