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Tuned to produce an even more sensational feeling of torque for the most thrilling experience, the new MT-10 is the most advanced Hyper Naked ever built by Yamaha. Manufactured using cutting-edge engine and chassis technology from the R1, the latest MT-10 gives you more power, more agility and more feel.

The Darkest Energy

The MT-10, as the King of the MT range, commands entire respect, and the small new headlamp assembly and restyled tank, which accentuate the MT-10’s great mechanical beauty, will be the first thing to catch your eye. And the instant you hear the loud intake growl of the 998cc CP4 engine roaring out of the air intakes, you’ll know this is the bike for you.

The most sophisticated collection of electronic rider aids is hidden deep within the lightweight Deltabox chassis, designed to give you the most controllability. You can customise your MT-10’s behaviour with changeable high-tech systems that manage traction, slides, wheelies, engine braking, and brakes.

4.2’’ TFT Meter with Ride Mode selection

The new 4.2-inch full-colour TFT display gives a clear overview of all the information you need for a ride. The Menu switch on the right handlebar enables you to move quickly between different screens – and the Mode/Select switch on the left handlebar changes the settings on the electronic rider aids individually – or you can switch all settings at once by using the 4-mode YRC.

Brembo Radial master cylinder

With its R1 derived system featuring dual floating 320 mm discs and 4-piston radial mounted calipers, the MT-10 is equipped with the most sophisticated braking package fitted to any production Yamaha. The new model benefits from a Brembo radial front brake master cylinder for even more accurate feel and controllability, giving you the ultimate stopping performance.

Cruise Control

Despite the MT-10’s staggering performance there will be times when you want to chill out and enjoy the scenery. Once you’re travelling above 31Mph it’s easy to activate the Cruise Control and simply enjoy the ride. It’s also a great way to make sure that you comply with speed limits.

Speed Limiter

Whether you’re riding in adverse weather conditions or on a challenging and twisty road, there are times when it’s a good idea to set a top speed limit. The MT-10 has the technology to help you with its Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter (YVSL). Simply choose your preferred top speed, set it via the Mode/Select switch and relax.

998cc EU5 CP4 engine

Nothing compares to the more powerful 998cc EU5 CP4 engine found in the MT-10. The latest bike has a tuned intake system with larger intake ducts and tank-mounted Acoustic Amplifier Grilles that emit a deep roar for a spine-tingling experience as you open the throttle, and its crossplane technology design gives it a unique uneven firing sequence that delivers sensational torque for remarkable acceleration.

Latest MT evolution design

While retaining the raw and intimidating character of every Yamaha Hyper Naked, the latest MT-10 gets a completely new look that focuses on the bike’s mechanical beauty by stripping away any unnecessary body elements. The compact new twin-eye LED headlight assembly and the large intake ducts project a powerful and dominant presence – and the minimal front overhang consolidates the bike’s brutal good looks and mechanical appearance.

APSG Throttle with selectable PWR-modes

Yamaha’s sophisticated Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) is the latest ride-by-wire system that gives you the most natural and efficient feeling throttle for the highest degree of control. Throttle response can be adjusted with the PWR system which gives you a selection of four power delivery modes, from a soft response for wet surfaces, through to aggressive track day riding.

Titanium exhaust system

As soon as you press the starter button you’ll hear and feel the unique sound emitted by the specially tuned titanium muffler and downpipes. Together with the tuned intake system, it uses the crossplane engine’s uneven firing sequence to make the most unique and stirring exhaust note that sounds like no other bike!

Up and Down Quick Shift System

For faster and more efficient acceleration the MT-10 is fitted with a Quick Shift System (QSS) as standard. This electronic system enables you to perform full throttle clutchless upshifts, as well as smoother and more controlled clutchless downshifts that – along with the A&S clutch – help to maintain chassis stability when decelerating.

6-Axis IMU with full rider aids suite

Hidden inside a little black box is a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that senses pitch, roll and yaw, as well as forward/backward, up/down and left/right acceleration. The ECU then uses this data to activate the high-tech rider aids package, including traction control, Slide Control (SCS) wheelie control (LIF) engine braking (EBM) and brake control (BC) that ensure the ultimate setup on every ride.

Bridgestone S22 Tyre

The MT-10 runs with the latest Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tyre, with a 120/70-ZR17 front tyre and a 190/55-ZR17 rear tyre providing class-leading traction for outstanding performance. And together with the full package of electronic rider aids, this flagship Hyper Naked is equipped to deliver an incredible level of performance.

90° Wheel air-valves

To make checking and setting tyre pressures easier and more convenient the lightweight 5-spoke aluminium 17-inch wheels feature 90° valves. This easy to access design can better accommodate various types of air pumps.