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You put in long hours. You put in a lot of effort when you play. Your most valuable resource is time. And you value established quality and authentic style. So, when you see everything the new TMAX Tech MAX has to offer, it’ll be one of the simplest and wisest decisions you’ve made in a long time.

With a best-in-class 7-inch colour TFT screen and full smartphone connectivity, Europe’s best-selling Sport Scooter has been dramatically upgraded, allowing you to stay in contact on every journey. Full-map Garmin Navigation* ensures you arrive on time, and you can experience business class comfort all year with a heated seat, heated grips, electric screen, and cruise control. (* Garmin Navigation with full-map coverage requires a subscription service agreement and is not available in all countries.) Some navigation capabilities may not be available in all countries; please contact Garmin for further information.)

The new TMAX Tech MAX features an all-new compact body with a longer seat and footboards for a more comfortable ride. The TMAX Tech MAX’s aggressive new face and aerodynamic front wings give it a supersport-inspired design, bringing it closer to the motorcycle world. Premium components and a best-in-class finish add to what you presumably already knew about this legendary machine.

New connected TFT screen, full-map navigation

Operated by a simple joystick, the sophisticated new connected full-colour 7-inch TFT screen features a choice of three display styles. Through Yamaha’s MyRide App you can access MyRide – Link that enables the connection with the vehicle, giving access to your smartphone for music, weather, calls** and notifications. Full-map Garmin Navigation* makes every journey easier – while texts can be displayed when your TMAX Tech MAX is parked.(* Full-map Garmin Navigation requires a subscription service agreement and is not offered in all countries. Some navigation features are not available in all countries, please check with Garmin for availability. ** Requires Bluetooth connected headset linked to the TMAX Tech MAX. Headset not included.)

Powerful 560cc Euro 5 Engine

The powerful 560cc EURO5 engine features a unique and compact design that uses a 360 degree crank with a horizontally opposed reciprocating piston balancer for extremely sporty performance together with a high-efficiency CVT drive system for outstandingly smooth running. And to heighten your riding excitement the carefully designed intake and exhaust systems produce a deep and pure ‘tuned’ sound that is distinctively TMAX Tech MAX!

Dynamic new sporty body design

TMAX Tech MAX design moves one step closer to the supersport motorcycle world with its dynamic new aerodynamic body. Slimmer dual LED headlights and new front wings with large air intakes as well as new boomerang side covers are more TMAX Tech MAX than ever – and lightweight Spin Forged wheels and forged aluminium handlebars underline this sport scooter’s premium specification.

New projector headlights, integrated flashers

Take one look at the new face and you’ll know that this could only ever be TMAX Tech MAX! Its slimmer dual headlights with integrated flashers give a more aggressive look, while the new projector design with a mono-focus lens generates a powerful beam. And to emphasise this iconic sport scooter’s dynamic new looks there’s an all-new taillight featuring a T-shaped design with integrated flashers.

Improved rider and passenger ergonomics

For an ever sportier ride with a higher level of rider and passenger comfort the new TMAX Tech MAX is equipped with a longer seat and extended footboards, and the rider’s backrest gives 30 mm of front/rear movement. The TMAX Tech MAX’s slimmer waist gives improved leg reach to the ground, and the shape of the new forged aluminium handlebars contributes towards a slightly more forward leaning position for improved feedback.

Electrically adjustable screen

The newly styled adjustable windscreen features a centre air intake duct that contributes towards the increased level of comfort by reducing pressure on your upper body, especially at higher speeds. This new design also ensures better acoustics when you’re using a smartphone linked to the 7-inch TFT full-colour display, and the TMAX Tech MAX screen can be adjusted electrically using a handlebar mounted switch.

Cruise Control

Cruise control is a standard feature on the TMAX Tech MAX, and enables you to relax on longer rides, and also serves as a useful way to stay under the speed limit. The system works in conjunction with the YCC-T Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle and can be selected at speeds of 31 mph and above.

Heated Seat and grips

This premium Sport Scooter is designed to be ridden and enjoyed all year round, and its aerodynamic bodywork and electrically adjustable screen provide excellent wind and weather protection. TMAX Tech MAX exclusive features include a heated seat and heated grips that provide added comfort on cooler days, making this a genuine 7-days a week riding machine.

Best-in-class premium specification

TMAX Tech MAX features a best-in-class specification that is designed to give you the ultimate riding experience on every journey. As well as the exclusive electric screen, heated grips and seat, cruise control, adjustable rear suspension and backlit switches, this iconic best-seller features a premium quality interior and is available in a special new Dark Petrol colour as well as Power Grey.

Smart key Keyless Operation

Using your TMAX Tech MAX is so convenient with the Smart Key in your pocket – and the newly designed 2-button backlit main switch is simpler than ever to use. This keyless technology enables you to start the engine, unlock the seat and release the centre stand easily and quickly – and you can even unlock the stylish new flush fitting aero-style fuel cap.

Lightweight Aluminium Chassis

The TMAX Tech MAX’s compact motorcycle-type die-cast aluminium chassis features a twin spar layout that gives immense strength combined with a low weight. The powerful 560cc engine is mounted directly into the frame to give excellent mass centralisation – and for sportier and more precise handling performance the suspension settings are revised. New ultra-lightweight Spin Forged wheels to reduce the unspring mass are fitted with newly developed Bridgestone tyres.

Sophisticated electronic control technology

The new TMAX Tech MAX is equipped with a state-of-the-art Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) for the finest level of engine controllability – and for improved feeling and reduced weight a new fly-by-wire Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) is fitted. The traction control system helps prevent rear wheel slip when accelerating on wet or loose surfaces – and D-MODE allows you to select smooth or sporty engine performance.

Large storage space

With easy keyless access, the large under seat storage space can accommodate one full-face helmet when you’re parked – and when you’re on the move it’s the ideal weatherproof space to safely carry a briefcase, laptop or your gym kit. Featuring automatic internal illumination for your convenience.

Anti-theft locking centre stand

TMAX Tech MAX is Europe’s most desirable sport scooter, and for added security and peace of mind it’s equipped with a locking centre stand that prevents it from being moved by an unauthorised person. When you’re ready to ride just use your Smart Key to electronically release the stand.