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We can now take forward orders for the much anticipated all new Yamaha NEO’s Electric scooter (50cc equivalent)

Should be available from May 2022 onwards

Two colour options

  • Milky White

  • Midnight Black

*RRP Includes the OZEV Grant*

Move Smart

Yamaha has been developing and producing electric vehicles for three decades – in addition to being recognised as one of the world’s most respected high-quality scooter manufacturers – so you can be sure that the stylish new NEO’s comes with an attractive design, the latest technology and first-class reliability.

Comfortable, agile and easy to ride, this new generation Yamaha scooter is powered by a lithium-ion battery and driven by a hub-mounted electric motor that gives you strong and controllable acceleration – but with zero emissions and a super quiet ride! New NEO’s: Move Smart.

Smooth, quiet and efficient electric power

Simple, stylish and easy to use, the new NEO’s electric scooter has the potential to transform the way you live and move in the city by making every journey smoother, easier and more enjoyable! The new NEO’s combines proven Yamaha quality with low running costs and the many benefits of electric power.

Direct drive hub-mounted electric motor

For maximum efficiency, the NEO’s is equipped with the latest generation Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) that features an air-cooled brushless electric motor located inside the rear wheel hub. This compact direct drive design eliminates the need for gears or belts and ensures smooth running, strong acceleration and extremely quiet operation.

Universal riding position for all sizes and experience

Featuring a relaxed and upright riding position, the new generation electric NEO’s is the ideal vehicle for riders of all ages, sizes and experience who are looking for a responsible and accessible alternative to the car and public transport. And with its simple twist-and-go performance, easy agility and high levels of comfort, this is the smartest choice in zero-emission urban mobility.

Removable Yamaha lithium-ion battery

NEO’s is supplied with a single high-density 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery giving a range of 37km* – and range can be extended by purchasing an optional second battery. Located beneath the dual seat for easy access, the 8 kg battery is designed to maintain a high level of efficiency for 1000 cycles/10,000 km and charging can be carried out with batteries fitted to the scooter or when removed. (*Tested in WMTC Class 1 in STD mode, fully charged battery at a temperature of 25°C.

Selectable ride modes

NEO’s is equipped with two selectable ride modes designed to suit different conditions and individual preferences. STD mode is designed for typical road use and delivers the highest power output, while ECO mode reduces battery consumption and is ideal for longer trips – giving a range of 38.5km* – and you can easily switch between modes while riding. (*Yamaha research. This range changes by place, riding style and battery degradation.)

Ultra-quiet running

NEO’s offers you many advantages, including low running costs, ease of use and the ability to access the growing number of ultra-low and zero-emission zones in Europe’s cities. It’s also one of the quietest ways to travel, and in official tests, this new Yamaha electric scooter measured just 55 dB from seven metres away – compared to 71 dB for its 50cc combustion equivalent.

Connectivity via Yamaha MyRide app

It’s easy to stay connected when you’re riding the NEO’s by simply downloading Yamaha’s MyRide app to your smartphone and pairing it with the scooter. The connected LCD instruments display notifications of any incoming calls and messages from your smartphone – and this free app also enables you to view scooter information on your smartphone and share images and ride information with other MyRiders.

Jet helmet under seat storage

With one battery fitted the under seat compartment, there are 27 litres of storage space that can accommodate one jet helmet or shoes and gym gear. And if you choose to fit the second optional battery, there’s still enough space to carry a rain suit or other personal items.

Stylish and easy-to-read LCD instruments

Compact new LCD instruments provide you with a wide range of information that keeps you informed. You can see charge levels of the main and optional second battery, as well as check on incoming smartphone calls and messages. A RUN indicator confirms that the NEO’s is ready to ride, while a turtle icon shows that power is restricted to conserve battery life.

Smart Key keyless system

Yamaha’s Smart Key keyless system gives you one less thing to worry about when you need to get moving in a busy city. If you have the Smart Key with you in a pocket or bag, you’ll be able to operate the NEO’s.

Full LED Lighting

Inspired by the face of the original combustion NEO’s, the twin-eye LED headlights provide you with powerful illumination to see and be seen – and are surrounded by white rings that give the new NEO’s a fresh and contemporary look. The single unit LED taillight and LED turn signals on the rear underline the scooter’s clean and compact lines.