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  • TRACER 9 GT +
  • TRACER 9 GT +
  • TRACER 9 GT +

New TRACER 9 GT+ Sport Touring model from Yamaha

Ride at the cutting edge

Yamaha Sport Touring models give riders across the globe the chance to live their dreams and explore the roads of life whenever they feel the need to escape from the everyday realities. Whether it’s a weekend break or an ambitious long distance tour, the TRACER 9 range has the performance, comfort and versatility to satisfy every rider’s lust for travel.

The very special formula of a high-torque 890cc CP3 engine, lightweight aluminium chassis, natural ergonomics and a luggage-ready design makes sure that these bikes are ready to get up and go whenever required. 

Now Yamaha are ready to take the TRACER concept into an exciting new dimension with the most sophisticated Sport Tourer ever manufactured by the company. Building on the strengths of the existing models, the new TRACER 9 GT+ comes with a range of best-in-class technology that is designed to transform every ride by providing a previously unimaginable degree of versatility and control.

Featuring fully integrated cutting edge electronics including a millimetre wave radar, Adaptive Cruise Control, radar-linked Unified Brake System, electronic suspension and intelligent riding modes – as well as connected TFT instruments and fully integrated for Garmin navigation – the new TRACER 9 GT+ is ready to introduce a new era of control that will take the Sport Touring experience to the next level.